InVid Body Temperature Detection Network Camera System


  • On-board temp-detection algorithm
  • Standard Image: 2 Megapixel (1920 x 1080) Resolution
  • Accuracy within 0.54°F (0.3°C)
  • Body detection, up to 16 Targets
  • Response Time 30ms
  • 320 Mbs Bit Rate Input
  • Works with ONVIF or other supported IP cameras
  • Local HDMI main monitor output with 4K Support
  • Local VGA main monitor output up to 1080p

Introducing the New Body Temperature Detection Camera System. This unique combination of thermal technology and video analytics is the game changer that we all have been waiting for. Implementing the Body Temp Camera System in emergency rooms, doctor offices, schools, airports and other crowded facilities can prevent the spread of the virus. The system will alert the staff in advance, which will enable them to take proper steps to protect themselves and others.

The body temp detection system can accurately read the temperatures of up to 16 people per second simultaneously. Custom alerts can be set up to alert the proper personnel, when anyone passes through the systems field of view and who’s temperature surpasses the normal threshold set.

The Body Temp Detection system consists of three main components. The SEC-BODYTEMPCAM1 thermal camera. The SEC-BBCT infrared calibrator for temperature accuracy. And the SN1A-4X4 4 channel Network Video recorder with a built facial recognition technology and an 8TB Hard Drive. All these components work in concert to provide medical grade temperature accuracy (+/-0.54 degrees F) from a 16-foot distance with no contact, thus reducing the risk of the virus spread. A ceiling, wall and tripod floor bracket are optional accessories and can be purchased separately for both he camera and infrared calibrator.

Body Temperature Detection Camera Features

  • On-board temp-detection algorithm
  • One IP address two channels
  • Standard Image: 2 Megapixel (1920 x 1080) ResolutionThermal Image: Effective pixels 400×300
  • Sensitivity 40mK
  • Thermal: 8mm Fixed lens, Visible: 2.7-12mm motorized lens
  • Accuracy within 0.54°F  (0.3°C)

Body Temperature Detection Recorder Features

  • 8TB of video storage
  • 4 Channel with 4Plug & Play Ports for easy camera setup PoE (Power Over Ethernet) available on all ports
  • Up to 4ch picture stream face recognition
  • Up to 20 face pictures /sec processing
  • Up to 16 face databases with 10,000 face images in total
  • Up to 12 Megapixel Resolution Recording
  • H.265/H.265+/H.264/H.264+ video compression
  • Supports RAID 5/6/10
  • Free Central Management Software (CMS)