Pelco SXRE4-VF09-EBT 640 X 512 Network Outdoor Thermal Imaging Camera 9.2mm Lens 0.0 star rating Write a review


  • Sarix Thermal Enhanced 4 Series uses intelligence-driven analytics and heat-sensing tech.
  • Detects imperceptible threats beyond human vision.
  • Provides unprecedented perimeter protection in tough conditions.
  • Pelco Smart Analytics, powered by Motorola, detects threats over 300m away.
  • Radiometric thermal imaging tracks temperature changes for hazard prevention.
  • Effective for identifying equipment overheating and other dangers.
  • Long-range smart analytics ensures comprehensive threat detection.
  • Instant alerts are triggered by radiometric events for quick response.

The Sarix Thermal Enhanced 4 Series enables sites to harness the power of intelligence-driven analytics and heat-sensing technology to identify threats beyond what is visible to the human eye. Protect your perimeter like never before, even in the most challenging conditions. Pelco Smart Analytics, powered by Motorola Solutions, automatically detects threats at distances over 300 m (980 ft) away. Using radiometric thermal imaging, the Sarix Thermal Enhanced measures temperature fluctuations to help identify and prevent hazardous situations, such as overheating equipment. The camera’s superior long-range smart analytics detection and ability to concurrently trigger alerts based on radiometric events make the Sarix Thermal Enhanced an ideal solution for security and industrial applications.


See Farther, Respond Faster

Identify critical events and classify objects during the day and night at distances over 300 m (980 ft) away. Expedite real-time responses and forensic investigations with Pelco Smart Analytics.

Reduce False Positives

Leverages Smart Analytics and self-calibration for improved object detection and minimize the chances of false alarms.

Multiple Lens Options

Select between a wide combination of lens and sensor resolutions for optimal coverage.

Outdoor Ready

IP66/67, IK10 and NEMA 4x rating provides a degree of protection against water and windblown dust. Continuously records between -40°C to 65°C (-40°F to 149°F).

Radiometric Analytics

Prevent operational safety hazards by proactively detecting abnormal temperature fluctuations within a predefined time and when the temperature exceeds or falls below a set value.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Meet required security standards required with FIPS 140-2 compliant cryptography support, Secure Boot and integrated TPM.

Comply With Regulations

With 9 Hz and 30 Hz versions, maintain analytic performance while complying with export restrictions.

Open System

ONVIF Profile S, G, T and M allows for easy integration between existing ONVIF structures, recording retrieval on the edge and cross-functionality with third-party solutions.