• High-capacity storage: Up to six pallets per lane.
  • Quicker accessibility: Individual SKU lanes and automatic replenishment.
  • Faster sortation: Deeper storage, fewer aisles for efficient inventory management.
  • Push-back racking maintenance: Regular inspection of moving parts.
  • Clear cart path: Remove debris that obstructs cart movement.
  • Secure connections: Inspect and tighten bolted connections.
  • Smooth cart movement: Check cart wheels and bearings for free rotation.
  • Address moisture: Ensure components exposed to liquids are functional.

Floor stacking as a means of “pallet storage” is more costly than you may think in terms of both labor and space. Get those pallets up off the floor and take advantage of the vertical space you’re already paying for with drive-in pallet racking. Drive-in systems support last-in/first-out (LIFO) inventory rotation and allow you to store pallets safely and in orderly SKU lanes.

The high-density, compact drive-in design frees up 35% of the floor space over standard rack by eliminating all those aisles. Plus, you can store up to 75% more pallets.

Stack Up Savings in a Drive-In Rack System

  • High-density pallet storage
  • LIFO inventory rotation
  • Dedicated SKU lanes
  • Single aisle access
  • Utilizes vertical cube space