• Double storage capacity in the same footprint
  • 100% SKU accessibility
  • Mount new or existing storage systems on mobile carriages
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Built-in safety features
  • Choose mechanical-assist or powered
  • Heavy-duty load capacity – 7,000-30,000 lbs.
  • Equip with modular drawers, shelving, or bulk storage rack

High-Density Storage is On the Move with Mobile Aisle Pallet Rack

Mobile pallet racks and shelving systems maximize floor space and consolidate your storage area. By mounting new or existing storage systems on mobile carriages that move along fixed tracks on the floor, you create a high-density storage solution that offers a cost-effective alternative to warehouse expansion. Take a look at all the benefits of these space-saving systems and call our team for an on-site evaluation.

Mobile Aisle Pallet Rack Shifts Productivity into High Gear

Your mobile aisle pallet rack and shelving systems are yours to configure. Equip them with wire decking, shelving, drawers –whatever you need to secure your inventory in easy-to-access SKU locations. You can also integrate your mobile aisle storage system with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and powered conveyor systems or simply access with the push of a button via remote control. Let’s explore the options to best fit your storage application needs.

Mobile Aisle Pallet Rack Applications

  • Warehouse storage
  • Freezer & cold storage
  • Tool crib storage
  • Repair shops
  • Parts rooms
  • Document storage