• High-capacity storage: Up to six pallets per lane.
  • Quicker accessibility: Individual SKU lanes and automatic replenishment.
  • Faster sortation: Deeper storage, fewer aisles for efficient inventory management.
  • Push-back racking maintenance: Regular inspection of moving parts.
  • Clear cart path: Remove debris that obstructs cart movement.
  • Secure connections: Inspect and tighten bolted connections.
  • Smooth cart movement: Check cart wheels and bearings for free rotation.
  • Address moisture: Ensure components exposed to liquids are functional.

High-Density Pallet Storage | Condensed Footprint

Push-back offers condensed pallet storage in organized SKU lanes facilitating faster, more accurate pallet loading and retrieval. The dynamic last-in/first-out (LIFO) design not only maximizes warehouse space but ensures an automatically replenished pick face, eliminating wait times and helping you meet demand.

Push Your Business Forward:

  • Dynamic pallet storage
  • Automatically replenished pick face
  • LIFO inventory rotation
  • Dense SKU storage
  • Easy to operate
  • Low maintenance

How to Use a Push-Back System — Forklift operators place pallets on stacked wheeled carts at the pick face. The carts are on slightly sloping tracks that flow down to the pick aisle. The first pallet is loaded on the top cart, and subsequent pallets are loaded by pushing back the pallet at the pick face. When a pallet is extracted from the lane the rear carts automatically flow forward. Push-back uses a single aisle for loading and unloading pallets which frees up floor space for more productive use.