• 90% storage utilization
  • Allows order picking from lower levels
  • Easy stock control
  • Maximum versatility and customization
  • Access using standard forklift equipment
  • Floor-level pallets accessible with pallet jack
  • Configurable in back-to-back formation to save on aisle space
  • Easy to convert lower levels for carton or piece storage

Maximize Storage Space and Gain Instant Access to Any Pallet

Like all businesses, time is money in a warehouse, production facility, manufacturing plant, or fulfillment center. Things move at a very quick pace and you can’t afford to spend precious minutes searching for inventory and equipment. Selective pallet racking allows you to take full advantage of your facility’s vertical space to optimize storage density while maintaining quick, 100% SKU accessibility.

Ideal for full pallet, first-in-first-out (FIFO) inventory management systems, selective racking:

  • Provides 100% access to stored goods at all times
  • Allows you easily manage a large number of SKUs simultaneously
  • Offers versatility and high-density storage compared to floor stacking
  • Configurable to wide variance in load capacity

Selective racking is also considerably more affordable than other systems with minimal installation and maintenance costs. SSI full-service approach can take you from system design through installation seamlessly and efficiently saving you even more time and money. .